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Politics and Poetry

Lisa Campbell, Ron Campbell and Lexi Hunter

Three generations of a politically active family explore the nexus of politics and poetry.

Lisa Campbell is a 30-year Brand & Digital Strategist. A political activist, candidate, and poetry fan — Leaning forward, opting in, persisting onward, and working for equality.

Ron Campbell — a glance back includes a 40-year career in healthcare administration. A quick look ahead — public health advocate and cheerleader for the next generation of politicians, poets, family, and friends.

Lexi Hunter is a creative, feminist, political activist, singer/songwriter, and musician with a passion for intellectual conversation. She is also the composer of all the music and our theme song, “Take Flight”.

Join us as we uncover the power unleashed in the synergy of politics and poetry. We hope that by exploring human emotions through lyrics and verse, this might help renew our commitment to political involvement and rekindle a common language to communicate more deeply with each other.

Behind the Scenes:

Laurie Campbell Pannell is an artist and writer with 30 years of experience in brand direction.

Haley Lunski is an advocate for inclusion with a passion for education and community engagement.

Stacy Cantrell is a dog rescuee, a techie lover, prone to rabbit holes, and an admirer of cooks and music conductors.